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Bey-Berk International


I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a wonderful job done by your company in putting together our website. Needless to say in today's e-business environment, a company's web page will be playing a bigger role in their success. Your company worked with us diligently, to create and design the site which is most useful to our marketing needs.
As I have suggested before, feel free to share my letter with your future prospective customers as a letter of reference and feel free in encouraging them to contact me if they would like to hear our experience in dealing with Artemysia.
KURKEN BERKSANLAR- President     kurken@bey-berk.com


Walter Lockwood


Artemysia has single handedly produced the most powerful marketing tool I have ever owned. The striking design of my new website has launched my photography to a professional level. Having the website up and running for less than three months I have already made my first sale, sold a series of pictures and a story to Maxim magazine (an international publication with more than one million readers) and have had several inquiries regarding my work. I feel that this is just the beginning. Working with Artemysia has been a constructive and pleasant experience. Knowing nothing of the technical work involved in building a website, Artemysia has made it seem like magic. Working with Patricia, has been encouraging and inspiring. She listened to my needs and offered accurate professional advice. I asked for what I wanted and Artemysia produced beyond my expectations. On a personal note, I have gained a website that I am truly proud of. Artemysia's design is cool, interactive, and has an edge with a custom made quality that really puts my work forward in the best possible light. I have not seen another website yet that even comes close to the simple, provocative, artistic look of Artemysia's design. I have shown my site to friends, family, business professionals, and anyone willing to look and have received nothing but compliments. Thank you Artemysia for creating a place where my work can shine. I consider your company a most valuable resource in the competitive art marketplace.
WALTER LOCKWOOD - (323) 463-4651 - wbl3photo@earthlink.net


MicroNet Systems


Artemysia Design has performed so well with our site that we recommend them to our clients. They are very professionals and conscientious and deliver on time. We greatly appreciate the way they combine technical know-how and artistic talent. They are dedicated, and will go the extra mile to insure their clients' satisfaction.
GREG PATATIAN- President     greg@micronetsys.com


Ann Whitford Paul


I adore the web-site Artemysia created for me. The site is everything I dreamed of and much more. Patricia, Thane and Chris were creative, warm, supportive and willing to spend whatever time it took to answer questions and explain the process to this web-site dummy. Somehow they always made me feel that my site was the most important one they were working on. And everything went so easily and smoothly, the site was up much faster than I would have imagined. You won't find more professional and imaginative designers anywhere. I envy those starting out their work with Artemysia. What a wonderful time they will have!
ANN WHITFORD PAUL - children's books author   annwpaul@sbcglobal.net


NSB Associates, Inc.


We were very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail shown by Artemysia Design in creating our website. They were extremely responsive and helpful during each step of the process and we are extremely pleased with the results. I would recommend them to anyone creating their first website or seeking to improve an existing one.
KEN AYEROFF- President    NSB Associates, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA


Lionel Briot


Professionalism and rapid execution were the hallmarks to the success of this site which has dazzled everyone who has visited it. Having to choose which images to use was a difficult and painstaking task for me, however Chris and Patricia were very quick to listen and, in spite of the great distances that lie between us, the staff at Artemysia Design were able to remain faithful to my sensibilities. I was most agreeably surprised by their graphic as well as esthetic decisions and, being a novice myself in the ways of the internet, I had never really imagined that my site would be so well conceived and beautiful.
Thank you Artemysia.
LIONEL BRIOT - lionelbriot@voila.fr




SK Consulting


I found Artemysia Design to be THE perfect fit for meeting my web design and development needs. They offer original, out of the box design and superb client service. They are truly a gem in a sea of web designers. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any individual or organization in search of a team of professionals who are creative, smart, and experienced in both web design and development. They are an outstanding group of professionals. Thanks again for your hard work.
SHERYL KRAVITZ - Sheryl@skconsulting.net SK Consulting-Chicago


Cynde Tagg


Artemysia Design has made a dream come true for me....a highly professional and beautifully artistic site which is easy to navigate and was obviously designed with the user in mind. Patricia and Chris are talented and well versed in their field; they offer nothing but timely and professional advice, support and product.
Thank you both so much !!
CYNDE TAGG - info@reinurse.com


Enchanted France


I would like to thank the staff at Artemysia Design for an outstanding job. Their creativity coupled with a high professionalism made my website remodel practically painless. What stands them apart is their customer service--They show great flexibility and a willingness to work with their client. In fact I would rate their customer service above and beyond any internet company I have come into contact with. I can’t believe my good luck of finding them right in my “backyard”.
Yolande Kamins, Enchanted France, LLC contact@enchanted-france.com


Los Angeles Personal Trainers.com


Artemysia created two of the best masterpieces on the internet for my company. Artemysia started on my project immediately before they even had any knowledge that I was going to be using their company. They were in complete communication with me during every step of the project. Artemysia took my ideas and used all possible varieties of techniques to turn both of my sites into works of art while keeping with the goals of my company and keeping the costs down. Patricia, Thane, and Chris treated me with nothing but the highest quality of professionalism, while keeping a very personal vibe. Patricia even dealt with me during off hours and weekends, just to make sure that it got done right! If I ever do another site, Artemysia knows that they have my business! I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the entire Artemysia team!
JIM HOOD - jimcpt@msn.com


Un Soir à Paris, inc.


This whole web adventure has proved that we should be against pre-conceived ideas! Let me explain. When I was looking for a company to create my web site I was approached by four very important companies that I will not name. After a total misunderstanding of what I was looking for in a web site, a friend suggested that I contact Artemysia Design. I had reservations in the beginning due to the small size of the company. But I let myself be drawn in and I must admit that I was baffled. Artemysia is a huge company, by their professionalism, their creativity, and their technical capacities. I am pleased to have allowed myself be taken in by the charm and efficiency of Patricia and Thane. Today, I have a web site that completely corresponds to what I had in mind, and I owe this to the artistic sensibility of these two great designers and their team.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Artemysia to anyone looking for a web design company. Thanks again.
ALAIN BENADY - President design@unsoiraparis.com  Un Soir à Paris, West Hollywood, CA


EuroCoffee - Importers and Roasters


Creating a unique and artistic presence on the web is a real challenge today. Finding people, or a team of people to realize that ambition, is even harder. I think we achieved all our goals with Patricia and Chris of Artemysia. Our web site is up and running, and I am very pleased with the look and feel of our web presence.
Thank you, Artemysia.
LARRY EMERINE - President     info@eurocoffee.com


Impaq Corporation


Just a few words to tell you that I woke up at 5 this morning full of energy.
I sat at my desk and took a tour of the site you just finished for us and I feel like I was just given the key to my dream house. I was smiling and remembering the first meetings when this website was just an embryo of an idea. I was remembering finding magical solutions to resolve a technical or aesthetical problem. And also, more difficult moments struggling to find our voice, some resistance and fear and then together transform this energy in cooperation to find the best solution to make this site the best we could, regardless of the extra work.
I love my site. I am proud of it.
I showed it to my team and they express a rare enthusiasm. I have received praises and acknowledgement that are as yours as they are ours.
Thank you for doing the best that you could, and then some. It is not completely finished but I wanted to share in the joy we are feeling looking at this dream house. This site is going to contribute to our growth where the sky is the limit and we will never forget that you assisted in bringing in the first stone to this expansion.
Patricia, thank you for your great eye, which manifest in a site full of beauty, elegance, and consistency. You have held to an esthetic integrity even where the wind was blowing strong.
Chris, you are one of the human being that I know that has understood our message better than all the consultants and CEO's we talk to. You helped take our vision and translate it in a user friendly, sophisticated yet friendly site. You have added subtle changes that have brought the site to its full potential.
Thane, your creativity and your technical talent has given to Patricia's vision all its depth. You always wanted us to understand all the options and always walked the extra mile and the one after that, and one more if needed to ensure we got the best.
There is no accident. What you have given us, you will get back in 100's more. Thank you for creating such a beautiful, useful, professional site. We are happy.
Sophie Chiche - COO - IMPAQ  sophiec@impaqcorp.com


Cedar Lake Ensemble


Patricia, Thane and everyone at Artemysia are true artists - fabulous business associates and most importantly...THEY FUCKIN' ROCK...they also have an amazing gift, the ability to help make your dreams come true.
Jen Ballard - Artistic Director -  jen@cedarlakensemble.com